March 31st, 2003


EEEeeh eeeh!!! EEEeeeh eeeh !!! EEEEeeeeh eeehh...

Acabo de levantarme despues de terner un sueño "filmorero" con psicopata incluido. Lo primero que he hecho ha sido ponerme el maxi (vinilo) de Love in it self. Necesitaba oir Fools por alguna extraña razón...quizás por la degeneracion de algunas nuevas adquisiciones de journals.

Don't know the reason why I
Think I've been here before
This place seems so familiar
But then I can't be sure
Here comes that time again when
You'll walk right out the door
Don't tell me secrets anymore

And fools don't run away
You'll be followed another day
And all the chances that fall your way
Are in the fire on your dying day
So call me now and tell me that you're home

Can't see the sense in crying
There's too many tears to fall
My thoughts are multiplying
So I'll try to save them all

A. C. Wilder
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    Depeche Mode - Fools (bigger)