January 27th, 2003


Si Leonard Cohen echara la cabeza.....

Tell me why I am so scared

Tell me, tell me, tell me that you love me
Tell me, tell me I'm your honey bear
Tell me, tell me I can be your cubby
Tell me I am your chocolate eclair
Tell me that you are somewhere above me
Tell me, tell me, and I won't be scared

Once I was a linebacker in college
Once they put my picture on the wall
Once I ate much more than I could swallow
Once I had so very far to fall
Once I had a father I could follow
Once he hardly hated me at all

Now I am an unemployed policeman
Now my pickup needs to be repaired
Now I wait for you to gag and grease me
Now I hope you'll hold me by the hair
Now I live in shadows of my dreams and
Want to be your humble honey bear
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Luscious Apparatus

cualquiera que me conozca

Este es mi pirata favorito, el cual hace 10 años solo pude grabar en cinta. Cuantas cosas historicas se perdieron en el muro de Berlin.....

Cualquiera que me conozca sabe que soy el 6º Depeche ....(incluyendo como dice Mario al "Vincent el montruuo"). .....daria 10 mil pelas por tenerlo.
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